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eBolus accurate in long term acidosis study

A team at Tehran University (Nasrollahi,  Zali, Ghorbani,  Sharbabak and Abadi) conducted a long term study using eBolus (farmBolus for research) to look at the variability of susceptibility of cows to SARA and found interesting differences between cows on sorting...

Virtualvet hosts an OECD workshop in Exeter

All over the world governments and companies are recording and archiving animal health data.  The data sits in warehouses unused even though it is vital to know  the disease status of regions and farms from which we buy livestock and food.  We founded Virtualvet to...

Acidosis is the silent killer of cows use Vetpack to fix it

Detect SARA with VetPack Acidosis both in its clinical and subclinical (SARA) forms slowly and quietly destroys dairy cows according to CowSignals . The simple and effective way to detect and correct it is to buy a VetPack with at least three rumen boluses.  Pop them...

Vetpack Introduction

Our new Vetpack is based on our experience.  Since 2011 we having been shipping rumen pH bolus to research centres around the world.  We are confident that the product really does measure accurately for longer than any other bolus on the market as well as being...

eCow launches VetPack at the JAM in Salt Lake City

Our friends at Dascor are showing  the new Vetpack at the American Dairy Science JAM meeting in Salt Lake City this week.  The Vetpack contains boluses and our smartphone based data download system.  If you want to diagnose whether cows have SARA then use the Vetpack....

eCow defines SARA at First International Precision Dairy Farming Conference

I went to the #pdf2016 to redefine SARA it was held up in Friesland at Leeuwarden where a consortium of government agencies, dairy industry and research institutions has built a huge research centre heavily focused on robotics and automation. The Dairy Campus only opened a few weeks ago and is highly impressive. In parallel the Dutch and Frieslanders organised the First International Precision Dairy Conference and it was a very impressive affair following on from the first meetings in North America. It is very clear that robotic milking is growing rapidly with two million cows now milked by robots daily every day around the world and with many new sensing technologies coming into existence with cow location being the current fashion.

I presented two papers about rumen boluses. The first focused on how we can redefine SARA using rumen pH telemetry using 5.8 pH as a threshold below which cows should not spend more than and as yet undefined period of time. Reticulum pH values from telemetry can displace very invasive rumenocentesis or oro-rumen sampling.

Nordic Feed Science Conference

I am giving an invited paper at the Nordic Feed Science Conference.  The paper reviews the field experience of using rumen pH telemetry and points out the directions for engineering development in the future. Wireless rumen telemetry addresses directly a long standing...

Express and Echo Innovation Awards 2016

We are in again ! Next Friday we are again up for an award at the amazing Sandy Park Conference Centre which is of course the home of the storming Exeter Chiefs .  We have been shortlisted for Milkalyser the product to revolutionise dairy cow fertility. Lets keep our...

From bolus to Virtualvet

Good Luck to our colleague Sinead as she practices her VirtualVet pitch at the Wellcome Campus, Cambridge.  This started as a small EU project for SmartAgriFood now it is hitting the big time preparing for a Pitch@Palace.   That is a big stage to fill - but the... has been registered!

As the antimicrobial recording app VirtualVet progresses along its development timeline, we though it was about time we gave it its own website. So here it is! There you will be able to find the latest news and developments for VirtualVet as well as sign up for our VirtualVet newsletter and beta test. We hope to grow and expand this website alongside VirtualVet and pack it full of interesting information regarding the app as well as antimicrobial resistance (AMR) in general.

Strategy for UK Animal and Plant Health Research published by BBSRC

Last year Professor Toby Mottram, eCow’s Founder and Chief Engineer, participated in a focus group to develop new policy guidelines for research. On 13th January 2016 the Biotechnology and Biological Sciences Research Council (BBSRC) published the results of this report, titled ‘A Vision and High-Level Strategy for UK Animal and Plant Health Research to 2020 and Beyond’.

Toby Mottram to speak at GFIA 2016

The Global Forum for Innovations in Agriculture (GFIA) conference will be held this year in Abu Dhabi. The GFIA is the largest agriculture event in the Middle East, attended last year by over 4,500 people from 85 countries. From the 16-18th February this year hundreds of exhibitors and investors will meet to discuss the latest innovation in agriculture and how we can progress the industry to achieve a better, food-secure future.

Precision Dairy Farming Conference 2016 sponsored by eCow

The first International Precision Dairy Farming Conference will be held in Leeuwarden, the centre of dairy farming in the Netherlands, in June of this new year. As tools to aid in precision dairy farming are eCow’s backbone, we thought it only fitting that we contribute to this event.

Best wishes for 2016

It is Christmas Eve, the eCow team have all gone home and it is just me, Toby Mottram locking up for the long weekend and musing on the year that has gone past so quickly.

University of Kentucky Acidosis Challenge

In 2013 the University of Kentucky’s Department of Animal and Food Sciences in Lexington, KY trialled some of our boluses with the intention of monitoring how the rumen pH responds to an acidosis challenge. Despite the fact they didn’t manage to induce acidosis they still got a clear picture of how the rumen pH fluctuated daily and responded to the changes in feed.

Slovak University releases study using farmBolus

A recent study from the Slovak University of Agriculture in Nitra, Slovak Republic shows the capabilities of the eCow farmBolus. Continuous reticuloruminal pH data over a period of 45 days were collected from 7 Holstein dairy cows, allowing for in-depth analysis of pH variations not possible using single point measurements such as oro-ruminal probes or rumenocentesis.