Investor Relations

eCow Devon Limited is an agriculture technology company based in the South West of England formed in 2007 by the eminent dairy industry scientist Professor Toby Mottram.
Professor Mottram has been a leading figure in the dairy farming technology industry for over 25 years, designed a significant number of technological improvements that have drastically increased the productivity of the dairy industry on a global stage and published widely in academic peer reviewed publications internationally. Toby has over recent years sat on a range of governmental and industry lead committees bringing his wealth of experience to those committees.
Realising his energy for developing and commercialising new products and services for the dairy industry he formed eCow Limited. To date the company has been fully funded by a combination of equity investment from Prof. Mottram, British and European Union grant funding and and a growing revenue from bolus sales.  An associated company eCow Developments Ltd has just won InnovateUK grant funding of £ 90k to develop a new biological fluids analyser.
Income has been increasing and achieved a current high of £33,000 per month (April 2015) from our first product launched with a strong sales funnel building from the United Kingdom, Europe and North America. The company made a profit of £20k in 2015 and has a very low debt account on the balance sheet.
eCow holds a significant amount of intellectual property (IP) which it intends to fully develop to complement existing products.
eCow is actively looking to expand both vertically by increasing our revenue generation without the North American, European Union and Australiasian markets driven by customer demand within those regions and horizontal into new products which complement our existing products and which we can fully utilise our existing distribution partners.
During 2016-17 the management intends to raise a high Seven figure equity investment which will allow eCow to leverage a further  research and development grants from both the British and European Union governments and potentially in-market opportunities.
The management are also looking into corporate financing options to ensure we are making the maximum use of our existing revenue streams to increase business development activities in the markets that were receiving enquiries and further develop both the product range and company.
Interested investors wishing to receive a confidential investor package or to set up a meeting with the management team should contact:-
Prof. Toby Mottram
Managing Director
eCow Devon Ltd