eCow Dataviewer

We are developing a new data service which will allow cross comparisons with the hundreds of other data sets we now have. The eCow Dataviewer will allow users to not only view their own data on any internet connected device, but also stack data sets on top of on another for easier comparison as well as allowing users the opportunity to compare their own data with our vast library of anonymised data. For example, a dairy farmer in the UK may wish to know how his cows compare with other dairy cows in the same region of the country.

Four months of data for one of our customers show good stability

Here is one we were recently asked for, put onto an excel sheet to compare different cows when feeds were changed. Simple comparisons like this can be done without too much hassle on excel but still requires significant time investment for such a simple analysis. We aim to allow these comparisons to be made instantly.

To the right is a classic overlay where a farmer examined how the rumen pH reacted to daily routine. After each feed or push up the cows ate and the pH dropped a little. We find many farmers use the rumen profile to adjust their daily routine to make sure that cows have a repeatable routine day by day which improves nutrition.

The data viewer is currently in development but if you’d like to test it out for us please get in contact.