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Please fill in the information below as best you can so we can get a quote back to you as soon as possible. If you have any questions please email us at where you can also get a quote directly.

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Please be aware that we do not warrant our boluses to be used in beef animals.

Fistulated/cannuated cattle have a surgically placed hole in their side to allow access to their rumen.

How many cows are in the herd you're looking to monitor?

All boluses come with the ability to measure pH and temperature as standard. Redox sensors are an expensive addition we do not recommend unless you are certain you require it.

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How many handsets (readers) do you require? One handset can be used to read multiple boluses.

Anything you'd like to add? Questions? If a question prevents you from filling out the form please email us at and we can assist further.

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