The VetPack

Designed for veterinarians and nutritionists to detect and correct nutritional imbalances in dairy and beef fatteners


The VetPack contains all you need to diagnose SARA or other nutritional problems.  It contains three farmBoluses with an average accurate life of 100 days and a smartPhone reader.  If you get a call from a farm you suspect has acidosis just put a bolus into three average cows in the group preferably before 14 days into lactation.  The boluses switch on due to the warmth of the cow and data starts being collected and stored.  Data can be downloaded every day either by you or the farmer using the smartPhone in the parlour.  Data gets transferred to the internet so you can see the progress on making changes in routine and feed ingredients.  Three boluses give enough data for a feeding group.  Extra boluses are available.


The eCow farmBolus provides real time pH and temperature data collection inside the rumen of the animal, recording pH and temperature data accurately, every minute for up to 5 months. This data is averaged every 15 minutes to provide 96 readings per day. Stored safely on the bolus, this data can be retrieved wirelessly every time the mobile phone handset is brought within range of the cow.


Bolus Picture




Once the data has been collected by the handset it can be sent back to eCow for checking and concatenating where it is viewable by the farmer or advisor on eCow’s desktop software. After a data collection it can also be instantly viewed on the handset for immediate analysis. Raw data is always available.


Follow this link to find out more about the benefits of the farmBolus.


Image of handset + dongle displaying eCow software


You can see what one commercial partner did with the data here.


A brief example of the data you can expect to see shown on our desktop client:


eCow desktop software showing rumen pH data


pH and temperature data can give unique insights into:


  • Acidosis – early warning of SARA
  • Feeding patterns
  • Movement routines
  • Benefits of new feed regimes
  • Quality of forage
  • Drinking events
  • Supplement usage


With the correct interpretation pH data can lead to improvements in milk yield and animal health.


Bolus Image 


Some of the key benefits of the farmBolus are:


  • Smallest bolus size available today – just 27mm diameter by 135mm long
  • Longest bolus life available – 5 months of data collection
  • Reliable, stable data – eCow uses the best quality sensors available
  • No need to change the feeding pattern of the animal – boluses can be inserted at any point in the daily feeding regime with a standard bolus gun
  • Small handset with separate antenna for easy use on farms – visual readout of download status
  • Instant data analysis showing: pH graph, lowest pH recorded and battery life
  • Auto power off when outside of the animal to preserve battery life
  • One end of the bolus is weighted to encourage the bolus to sink into reticulum and keep sensor in the rumen liquor


For more information see Rumen Monitoring with the farmBolus.


 Bolus Image




  • Bolus length: 135 mm
  • Bolus diameter: 27 mm
  • Weight: 150 g
  • Specific gravity: 2.7
  • Temperature accuracy: +/- 0.1 °C
  • pH accuracy: +/- 0.1 pH
  • Sampling rate: 96 data points per day
  • Data storage: 2700 lines (4 weeks at 15 min samples)
  • Frequency: 434 MHz


Typically boluses are sold in multiples of 6 utilising eCow’s innovative packaging method that provides protection for boluses through transit and storage, as well as keeping the glass bulb pH sensor submerged to ensure it remains accurate.


Bolus packaging